Dylan R. Briggs

Senior Litigation Attorney

Dylan R. Briggs

Senior Litigation Attorney

Saint Charles divorce attorney Dylan R. Briggs decided to be an attorney because he has always found helping people rewarding, and an attorney is able to help people in ways that few others can.

“Family law clients are often those that can most benefit from my patient, diligent, and compassionate representation and counsel,” Mr. Briggs said.

The law is often totally foreign to family law clients. For many, their divorce or paternity matter will be their only significant interaction with a legal system that can be daunting and intimidating.

Further, the stress and anxiety of grappling with a foreign legal system are compounded by the emotional tensions inherent in family law matters.

“I take great pleasure in helping clients understand an unfamiliar legal system, collaborating with clients to identify their goals and concerns, and working together to address their concerns and achieve their desired outcome,” Mr. Briggs said.

The characteristic that helps Mr. Briggs the most when it comes to practicing law is his ability to think laterally. While there may be a convenient solution to many problems, the collateral consequences of that conventional solution may not be conducive to a client’s particular interests or circumstances.

“By putting myself in my client’s shoes, as well as those of the opposing party, I excel at developing alternative solutions that achieve the desired outcome but are devoid of the conventional solution’s negative consequences,” he said.

Mr. Briggs always emphasizes the importance of patience during the divorce process. As the attorney, it is vital that he is patient with his clients as they grapple with the difficult decisions and circumstances associated with family law matters. It is equally important that clients also exercise patience.

“As our world continues to become more and more instantaneous, many clients expect that their family law matter will follow suit,” he said. “Unfortunately, all too often legal matters are anything but swift.

“Clients that become impatient with the process are much more likely to make snap judgments that may be against their interests to more quickly conclude the matter. It is important that this be avoided at all costs.”