Frank Murphy

Chief Compliance Officer

Frank Murphy is the Chief Compliance Officer and an Executive Partner at Cordell & Cordell. His responsibilities include oversight of the Firm’s compliance with Legal and Ethical obligations as well as contributing to the day-to-day operations of the Firm as an Executive Partner.

Mr. Murphy has over thirty (30) years of experience in the field of domestic relations law with additional experience in civil litigation. He has handled several complex financial and custody related cases throughout the years, some of which resulted in appellate outcomes that helped shape current Missouri domestic relations law.

Having appeared before the Missouri Supreme Court representing the appellant Father, In the Interest of S.M.H., 160 S.W.3d 155 (Mo.2005), Mr. Murphy secured a unanimous verdict with co-counsel overturning the trial court’s termination of a Father’s parental rights.

The law does not require parents to be perfect or be model parents. Poor conduct or character flaws are not relevant unless they could actually result in future harm to the child. Citing In the interest of K.A.W., 133 S.W.3d 1 11, (Mo. Banc 2004) … The evidence shows that, although Father may not be a model parent and has in the past made some bad choices and exhibited some poor behaviors, he will be able to knowingly provide S.M.H. the necessary care, custody and control. This is all that is required. Id. At 372.

This case is cited nearly 100 times in subsequent appellate cases since the decision was reached as an authority on the burden of proof required to terminate parental rights because of a finding of a mental condition of a parent. A mental condition of a parent alone does not render that parent unable to raise a child. Id.

“Domestic Relations Law is a very complex field of practice. It is important for someone considering divorce or a modification of a divorce decree to hire someone who focuses their practice exclusively in the field of Domestic Relations Law. Over the years I have seen so many mistakes made by legal practitioners who don’t devote their time and focus to this field of law. Legal practitioners at Cordell & Cordell not only have that devotion and focus, but they also have a wealth of experience available to them throughout the Firm in several states throughout the country.”