Jodi R. Edmonds - A Cordell & Cordell Fort Collins Divorce Attorney

Jodi R. Edmonds

Litigation Attorney

Fort Collins divorce attorney Jodi R. EdmondsWhen Fort Collins divorce attorney Jodi R. Edmonds spent two years in law school in the Domestic Violence Legal Assistance Program. During that time, she was exposed to and exclusively practiced family law in high-conflict and high-stakes cases.

While that experience often was chaotic, it is what motivated her to pursue a career in family law.

“My experience in the clinic allowed me to use the knowledge and skill I had gained during my education and apply it in a practical manner in a way that has significant meaning – assisting clients and families who were in dire need,” Ms. Edmonds said.

When she was a prosecutor, Ms. Edmonds was exposed to another aspect of the law that has a fair amount of crossover in family law cases, particularly domestic violence. Blending these two areas of law has given her an edge in her practice as well as insight that other attorneys may not have the opportunity to experience.

The defining trait that benefits Ms. Edmonds in her practice is the ability to find balance.

“Not only helping to find balance in my clients’ particular circumstance to assist them in facing the challenges ahead while keeping their mind on-track and focused on good decision making, but also in my personal life and well-being,” she said. “Being able to find balance and look at things on an even level or perspective allows for developing creative solutions or strategies that may not have been apparent otherwise.”

Ms. Edmonds always tells her clients that they can always expect to hear the truth from her. Sometimes, they may not particularly enjoy what she has to say to them, but she remains straightforward, yet respectful.

“If they are engaging in conduct that is harmful to their case, I have a duty to inform them of the consequences,” she said. “I will always remind them of their goals and how to accomplish them, and if there are children, how can we make sure they are as happy and healthy as possible in the end.”

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Edmonds is licensed to practice in Colorado.


Ms. Edmonds earned her juris doctor from the University of Wyoming.

Professional Experience

Prior to working at Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Edmonds practiced family law, criminal defense, criminal prosecution (including all levels of juvenile delinquency cases), and estate planning (primarily wills and trusts).


  • Colorado Bar Association, 2014
  • Larimer County Bar Association, 2014
  • Women’s Bar Association, 2016
  • Colorado Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (COAFCC), 2017