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Jaspreet S. Hundal

Litigation Attorney

Sacramento divorce attorney Jaspreet S. Hundal

Sacramento divorce attorney Jaspreet S. Hundal relishes the feeling of helping other people. Family law related matters are emotionally charged and difficult moments in many people’s lives. Helping them through this process gives Mr. Hundal a sense of satisfaction.

Mr. Hundal also sees a lot of abuses in the overall system, notably in family law.

“I see wrong decisions being made every day,” he said. “As an attorney, I feel that I have a duty to help people through these injustices as much as I can.”

If there is one characteristic that defines Mr. Hundal, it is his persistence. He does not give up easily and welcomes challenges. Family law is full of challenges, and he goes to great lengths to assist his clients.

“I don’t think of my job as a 9-to-5,” he said. “I often think about my clients and their cases on my drives, during the gym, almost anywhere I go. This is the persistence that is needed to go above and beyond for my clients. I don’t settle until every avenue has been explored.”

Family law, and its penumbra of issues, can be lengthy and complex. The process requires significant attorney-client collaboration. Most importantly, Mr. Hundal’s ability to effectively represent clients depends on the timely receipt of information.

“Family law is fact-driven,” he said. “The more I know, and the sooner I know, the better I can help you.”

Mr. Hundal cautions clients to expect anything and everything during divorce.

“Family law is unpredictable,” he said. “I have had some of the most unusual things happen during the course of a case. But you need to know that this is normal, and it is OK. You will get through it. Expect a lot of negotiations.”

Mr. Hundal’s approach to family law is very amicable. This is in the best interests of both parties. He always tries to come to a reasonable and amicable resolution of any dispute.

“But with that, I understand that there are situations where the opposing party or their attorney are being overly adversarial, and in most cases, for no good reason,” he said. “I understand when it’s time to flip the switch and get into that mode, and you can be rest assured that I will fight for you.

“I am overly persistent, and my perfectionist qualities will go a long way in your case. Intelligently aggressive representation sums it up.”

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Hundal is licensed to practice in California.


Mr. Hundal received his bachelor’s degree from University of California Davis, where he specialized in political science with an emphasis on Supreme Court decision and U.S. elections and voting behavior. He earned his juris doctor from the University of Pacific McGeorge School of Law where he received a concentration in Tax Law.

In law school, Mr. Hundal graduated with distinction and in the top 25 percent of his class. He was selected as a top-10 oral appellate advocate, was on the dean’s list all three years, and was awarded the dean’s scholarship for two out of his three years.

As an undergraduate, Mr. Hundal graduated magna cum laude and in the top 10 percent in his class, received the Honorable Nedjelko Dinko Suljak Scholarship and the Honorable Hilda M. Sterling Scholarship for academic performance, was awarded entry into the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, was on the dean’s list every semester, and was invited to research and author an honors thesis, which he wrote on Supreme Court decision making.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Hundal practiced tax and business law. He assisted businesses with complex formation related issues, including buy/sell agreements, operating agreements, drafting of bylaws, and other business related agreements. He helped families create basic-to-complex estate plans, and worked with estates valued anywhere between $50,000 to $8 million.

He also assisted many landlords with unlawful detainer matters. He represented both residential and commercial landlords through the eviction process, and took many cases to trial. He had a 100 percent success rate at trial.

Mr. Hundal practiced a fair amount of family law as well. During law school, he interned for a firm that primarily practiced family law. He assisted individuals with property division, child support, spousal support, and custody related matters.


  • State Bar of California, 2016
  • Member of the Sacramento County Bar Association, 2016
  • Member of the Honorable Justice Traynor Honor Society, 2015



“​Jaspreet has been great. and very informative.  He also explains things in a way that is easy to understand.​​​”


“The time that Jaspreet has spent explaining things to me and his level of communication has gone above and beyond.​”