Billie Jo Sowinski

Associate Attorney

Denver divorce attorney Billie Jo Sowinski has seen firsthand the pain divorce can cause. She decided to practice family law after witnessing her father struggle to have parenting time with his other children.

“I wanted to be able to help parents be a part of their children’s lives and have relationships with their children that were meaningful and productive,” Ms. Sowinski said.

Ms. Sowinski became a family law attorney to encourage the relationship between parent and child. Additionally, she has seen both of her parents go through divorces.

“I knew this was a trying time for many and I wanted to make sure that couples going through a divorce have someone to turn to in their time of need where much stress is accumulating and there are many unanswered questions,” she said.

Ms. Sowinski’s defining characteristic is her sense of empathy. She understands what her clients are going through and why their goals are important to them because she can step into their shoes due to her personal experiences.

During her first meeting with clients, Ms. Sowinski always clarifies that she cannot guarantee that she will get them what they want, but she will work her hardest to get as close as possible to their goals.

“I will put in the time and research necessary to adequately represent them and work to ensure they are well represented,” she said. “When it comes to what to expect during the case, I want them to know that is not as fast-moving as they would like, but that allows us the time to be fully prepared and make the arguments that are necessary as well as look into anything that we need to.”

Through it all, Ms. Sowinski emphasizes clear and open communication.

“I have found that it is best for clients to be actively engaged in their representation and encourage frequent contact with me to ensure they know what all of the steps are, what we are waiting for, and what the next hearing will bring,” she said.