Ryan Stanger

Associate Attorney

Clearfield divorce attorney Ryan StangerClearfield divorce attorney Ryan Stanger maintains a passion for helping you protect what is most valuable, your children and your property. His passion for family law began when he first started dealing with termination of parental rights appellate law as an intern in the Utah Supreme Court.

Now, having had first chair trial experience in divorce, alimony, and in defending against and pursuing termination of parental rights, Mr. Stanger is determined to leave each of his clients with a stable situation to protect their fundamental right to parent their children and manage their finances.

In order to protect parental rights, Mr. Stanger understands the importance of clearly defining each parent’s role through an enforceable parenting plan and specifically defined parent-time. He believes that the more parent-time you have with your children, whether it be overnight parent-time or through the exercise of the right of first refusal, the better chance you have to build the type of relationship you desire to have with your children and the type of relationship your children deserve to have with you.

Mr. Stanger follows the proverb of tennis legend Arthur Ashe, “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation,” as his approach to successfully helping his clients.

“One of the key factors in letting an attorney be able to appropriately tell your story is to provide your attorney evidence and background information so your attorney is prepared in court,” Mr. Stanger said. “If you spend the time to organize your story for your attorney, then he will be able to focus on details and strategy and give you the best chance of success.”

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Stanger is licensed to practice in Utah.


Mr. Stanger graduated with Honors and received his Juris Doctor from the University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law. He earned his Bachelor of Integrated Studies from Weber State University.

Professional Experience

Before joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Stanger learned about the courtroom by completing two judicial internships. First, an internship with the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Utah and then an internship with the Utah Supreme Court.

Since becoming an attorney, Mr. Stanger has primarily practiced family law including working on several family law appeals before the Utah Court of Appeals.


Mr. Stanger is a member of the Weber County Bar, where he was elected by his peers to serve as the Weber County Bar President for 2015. He is also a member of the Utah Bar Association, where he is a member of the Family Law Section.



“Ryan has given me everything I need and could want in attention to my case. Ryan provides me with tons of advice and options in my case. He has made it very easy on my part; no arguments with the opposing party. Cordell & Cordell do what they say they are going to do, and I’m very satisfied in my choice.”


“Ryan is an outstanding attorney. He is well-trained, a hard worker, patient and personable. My case was very challenging for any attorney, and he handled it extremely well. I was very frustrated at times by the unethical and unnecessary filings, stalling and lack of cooperation on the part of my ex-wife and her counsel, and Ryan navigated this problematic landscape with aplomb. He definitely lived up to your slogan, ‘A partner men can count on.’ I truly believe Cordell & Cordell is fortunate to have an asset such as Ryan Stanger.”


“I think that everyone there is very professional, courteous, and very helpful. I think that this is the best legal counsel and advice I have ever received.”


“Ryan is an exceptional lawyer and a great person. … It’s disheartening to think of all the fathers out there like me that are destroyed financially just to get what is fair and right, and above all, in the best interest of our children.”


“We had really good communication. Whenever I needed him he was easy to get ahold of.”


“Ryan is really organized, and if anything changes he lets you know pretty quickly. He also is good with follow-ups.”


“For the hand that Ryan has been dealt with both me and this system, I thank God that I have Ryan to help me. …  I truly appreciate everything he’s done for me.  I don’t know what I’d have done without him. “


“Everything was done very well, very professional.  He did everything I asked him to do.  If we had a difference in opinion he explained things so I could understand. I really consider him my friend.”