Rochelle Cavanagh

Lead Litigator

Cavanagh_RochelleRochelle Cavanagh tells all of her clients that her role as an attorney during the divorce process is that of a navigator.

“I will give them the road map to get where they want to go,” said Ms. Cavanagh, “but the client is the driver and they have to determine where it is that they want to go.”

To the majority of people, the issues dealt with in family law are, without question, the most important aspects of their lives. Cases often deal with life savings, prized possessions, and the parents’ future roles in their children’s lives.

“I never take this responsibility lightly and I always feel privileged that clients trust me to see them through these difficult periods in their lives,” Ms. Cavanagh said. “I feel like it is truly important work, and that for me was, and continues to be, the draw to this area of law.”

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Cavanagh is licensed to practice law in New York.


Ms. Cavanagh received her Bachelor of Arts from Syracuse University and her Juris Doctor from Albany Law School of Union University.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Cavanagh worked primarily in matrimonial and family law, insurance defense law, and general litigation.


Ms. Cavanagh is a member of the New York State Bar Association, New York State Women’s Bar Association, and Rensselaer County Women’s Bar.

Speeches, Seminars, & Publications

Rochelle frequently contributes articles and video content to



“The demeanor and the way she handled the case was perfect.  She was aggressive, but not overly aggressive. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Her knowledge of the law is exquisite.”


“… She is the utmost professional, always prepared and very thorough. … She is very easy to get along with and has always been very understanding and patient with explaining things to me. Cordell & Cordell is lucky to have her.”


“Rochelle was awesome! She was always very quick to respond when I needed anything. She even gave me her personal cell to reach her. Rochelle would not let me give up on myself. She really fought for me as if she were in my shoes. I was so impressed by her and how much she intimidated the opposing counsel. She always had my best interest at heart, as well as my kids. She really did a great job!”


“I am absolutely thrilled with the professionalism and brilliance with which Ms. Cavanagh is managing my case. If I had only known of her and Cordell & Cordell years ago I would have a much better relationship with my son now. I am especially glad that she was not afraid to confer with other attorneys in the office…it makes me feel like I have all the brilliance and experience of all the Cordell & Cordell legal team at work on my case. This is a sign of a consummate professional. Rochelle has done the best I can imagine with a difficult case. She is absolutely fantastic!”


“Rochelle was excellent! She was very professional, and I enjoyed working with her. I am very pleased. I appreciate her help and all of the advice that she gave me.”


“I have nothing but the deepest appreciation for Rochelle. I was devastated when this happened to me, and Rochelle has been a big help to me. I wouldn’t want anyone else to represent me. … You all may be expensive, but I’m very happy. No doubt about it. I’d like to extend my deep gratitude and appreciation for everything Rochelle’s done for me. She is 5 star all the way.”


“Rochelle has absolutely done her part. Cordell & Cordell are a real class act. … I am totally satisfied. Rochelle is great!”


“Rochelle is doing a wonderful job! She has given me phenomenal advice. Rochelle has been very good with communication and is always on top of what is going on. I really appreciate everything she has done for me!”


“Rochelle is doing an absolutely amazing job! I am very happy with her. Rochelle really goes out of her way to protect me. She definitely has her heart into this and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. Rochelle has even taken the time to call me at the end of her work day from her home. I thought that was amazing and really going the extra mile. Rochelle is on top of things and really doing an incredible job.”


“Rochelle is doing great! She’s really done everything I’ve asked. She has been spot on, and I am very pleased! No doubt about it, you all have been very good!”


“I am completely impressed with your firm and Rochelle. I have already referred you all to several people. I can’t explain the level of relief I’ve felt after getting to finally meet Rochelle and see her in action. My kids are the most important thing to me. There are no words to describe the comfort in having Rochelle on our side.”


“When you’re discussing someone’s financial future, that’s their whole life, your security forever. I trust Rochelle with my life. That’s how good she is. I wouldn’t want anyone else to represent me. If she practiced in any areas of law outside of domestic litigation, I’d retain her for everything!”


“Rochelle is fantastic! She has been very informative. I have been very happy and confident with Rochelle.”


“Every time I speak to Rochelle, I get a sense that she is genuinely fighting for me and my girls. I always know that Rochelle is working towards the best resolution possible for my family. I have already referred Rochelle to several people. In fact, I’ve referred Cordell & Cordell several times. I just wish you all had more locations here throughout New York, you’d have a much larger clientele as we don’t have any firms around here specializing in men’s rights!”


“Rochelle accomplished exactly what she said she would! You hardly ever get that kind of service these days. I was extremely happy with what I got. Overall my experience was very good.”


“Rochelle is very intuitive and well-spoken. I feel very comfortable with her. She does a very thorough job. … Rochelle always has all the information I need to know when I need to know it. I appreciate that.”

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