Danielle E. Webb

Litigation Manager

Charlotte divorce attorney Danielle E. Webb is a child of divorce. Although her parents decided to end their marriage, she grew up watching them put their personal differences aside to make sure her best interests were prioritized.

“No matter how contentious things may have been between them, they never brought me into those issues and always appeared to me to be cordial and working together to raise me,” Ms. Webb said. “Their example allowed me to understand the necessity of guiding separating or divorcing parents through the process in such a manner that enough civility and respect remain at the end that they can move forward with a cooperative and positive relationship.”

Ms. Webb also recognizes that a separation or divorce may be a person’s first or only time engaging with an attorney and interacting with the legal system. She strives to make the process as understandable and pleasant as possible.

The divorce process has multiple components, all of them with multiple reasonable alternatives during an incredibly stressful and draining time. Ms. Webb likens her role during this time to a GPS.

“I endeavor to understand the endpoint you hope to achieve and offer you options for navigating as closely as possible to that endpoint,” she said. “We work collaboratively to identify reasonable objectives and dynamically to adjust as facts and circumstances necessitate rerouting.

“Ultimately, we should achieve a resolution that allows you and your former spouse to move forward on your respective journeys.”