Sugar Land Fathers Rights

Fathers’ rights advocates in Sugar Land, TX have long been concerned about the questionable nature of the way orders of protection are issued in the state. Oftentimes, protection orders are used in divorce proceedings as a way to annihilate dads’ chances of obtaining custody since nearly 90% of protective orders against men result in an unfavorable court decision. It’s clear that these orders are enabling de facto discrimination by the family courts.

Again and again, the Sugar Land fathers’ rights attorneys of Cordell & Cordell are deluged with stories of dads being unfairly removed from their children’s lives by false accusations resulting in protective orders. Having an order of protection against you can even affect your criminal history and future employment prospects.

Don’t stand by and watch your rights as a dad get swept away by false accusations. Seek out a Sugar Land, TX dads’ rights lawyer that understands the challenges and discrimination men face in the forum of family law and will give you the best chance of maximizing your role in your children’s lives.

Cordell & Cordell Is Dedicated To Sugar Land, TX Fathers’ Rights

Cordell & Cordell was founded in 1990 on the belief that men needed focused representation when attempting to fight an uphill battle in family law courts, which historically have been predisposed against fathers.

Men who come to Cordell & Cordell know that their interests and the interests of their children will be aggressively championed. Our Sugar Land dads’ rights attorneys are dedicated to providing you the best client care and service possible while fighting to ensure your rights are protected throughout the divorce process.

To schedule an appointment with a Sugar Land fathers’ rights divorce attorney, please call 1-866-DADS-LAW.

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