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Parenting plans in Texas have long been a source of extreme conflict in child custody proceedings so it’s important to have a Fort Worth fathers’ rights lawyer.

Until recently all parenting plans required that one parent indicate who would be the custodial parent and who would be the non-custodial parent. This infringed upon the mother’s and the dads rights in Forth Worth. If parents could not agree on the custodial/non-custodial parent issue, none of the parenting plan was admissible.

In 2009, this was amended. It now allows the court to accept the proposed parenting plan, even if the custodial parent issue is not resolved. This change, though small, gave Fort Worth fathers dads rights a chance to be considered by the court. As long as both parties agree on the geographic area of the child’s primary residence, the court will review the proposed plan.

If you are considering divorce or have been served with divorce papers, you need the Fort Worth dads rights attorneys at Cordell & Cordell to protect your and your children’s best interests.

Cordell & Cordell Is Dedicated To Fort Worth Fathers’ Rights

The inherent bias of the court system in favor of women exacerbates divorce for many men, which is why Cordell & Cordell is committed to protecting dads’ rights in Fort Worth.

The result of bias is that the judicial system – lawyers, judges, social workers, and the administration – is prone to often assume, without proof, that men accused of abuse are guilty of abuse and moms should automatically be the presumed custodial parent.

To protect yourself in the event of divorce, contact the Fort Worth fathers’ rights attorneys at Cordell & Cordell by calling 1-866-DADS-LAW.

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