Houston Fathers Rights

Orders of protection are frequently being used as “tactical nuclear weapons” against dads, and they effectively diminish fathers rights in Houston, Texas.

Time and time again, the Houston dads rights attorneys at Cordell & Cordell hear horror stories from men who have been systematically removed from their children’s lives and their homes because of protective orders being issued based on lies.

These orders are unbelievably easy to obtain. When upwards of 90% of protective orders are being issued against men that result in the accusing party receiving a de factor order for custody, it is clear Houston fathers rights are being discriminated against.

Having an order of protection entered against you may affect your criminal history record and many times protective orders are visible on background checks for employment.

Don’t stand by and watch the legal system strip away fathers rights in Houston, Texas. Hire an aggressive, experienced dads rights attorney who will advocate on your behalf.

If you are concerned with your rights being protected, contact a Houston fathers rights lawyer at Cordell & Cordell. To schedule an appointment, please call 1-866-DADS-LAW.

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