Edina Fathers Rights

Edina fathers’ rights have improved significantly over the last decade. Minnesota was formerly one of the harshest states on non-custodial parents – which are fathers about 83% of the time – by completely disregarding the custodial parent’s income when determining support. Mercifully, the state has adopted new child support guidelines that takes into account both parents’ income.

This is not to say that Edina fathers’ rights are protected because even the new guidelines tend to be unfairly biased. If a non-custodial parent has less than 45.1% of parenting time, which is often the case, then they are only eligible for a 12% adjustment in their child support. That means fathers with joint custody are within a danger zone where child support payments could be unfairly determined.

To protect your rights as a dad including the financial means to provide for your children, you should seek the counsel of an attorney familiar with the inequity of the law in regards to Edina fathers.

Cordell & Cordell Is Dedicated To Edina Fathers’ Rights

Cordell & Cordell was founded in 1990 on the belief that men needed focused representation when attempting to fight an uphill battle in family law courts, which historically have been predisposed against fathers.

Men who come to Cordell & Cordell know that their interests and the interests of their children will be aggressively championed. Our Edina dads’ rights attorneys are dedicated to providing you the best client care and service possible while fighting to ensure your rights are protected throughout the divorce process.

To schedule an appointment with an Edina fathers’ rights divorce attorney, please call 612.632.2900 or 1-866-DADS-LAW.

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