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Prior to 2007, Georgia child support was determined by the father’s income. Marietta, Georgia fathers rights groups objected to this method of determining child support because it placed an undue burden on the dads. A mother could make more money than a father, yet the mother’s income was never considered.

Georgia dads rights scored a victory when the state adopted a new child support law in 2007, where both parents’ incomes were factored into the child support formula. The two gross incomes were added together and the total was compared against a support table. The support amount was then adjusted for the child’s various expenses. The support amount was then apportioned between the parents based on their individual incomes.

This means that now the parent with less income is responsible for paying less child support. For many noncustodial dads in Georgia, this was a step in the right direction for dads rights in Marietta because it meant that noncustodial fathers may not have to pay as much child support.

If a noncustodial dad who was divorced prior to 2007 can show a change in financial circumstances, he can petition the court to have child support recalculated according to the new formula.

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