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About 140,000 children are adopted every year, and it’s likely you have read an article about the struggles a mother faces throughout her life because of a very personal, heart-wrenching decision to give a child up for adoption.

However, what is often omitted is how the fathers rights were ignored as those men were denied the opportunity to exercise any custody rights.

In the last few decades the antiquated belief that a father could not raise children alone has provoked almost every state, including Georgia, to provide for dads rights of minor children subject to adoption. Yet there is still not enough protection of fathers rights in Atlanta.

Although the law has come a long way from the antiquated views that afforded fathers no rights in objecting to an adoption, the rules of the game still depend largely on the willingness of the mother to disclose the father’s identity.

In fact, the only other way a putative father in Georgia, who does not know that he is a parent, can receive notice of an adoption proceeding is to sign up on the state registry.

If he does not, he will not receive notice of adoption actions, the mother will not have to obtain his consent to an adoption, the state will presume he abandoned the child, the state may terminate his parental rights, and he will be barred from declaring himself the father in a paternity action.

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