Lawrenceville Fathers Rights

Lawrenceville fathers rights were given more protection following the landmark Bodne ruling in 2003, but dads rights are still not on par with the mother’s parental rights.

Prior to the Bodne ruling, the custodial parent (almost always the mother) was free to relocate with the children so long as the parent was fit and the move did not present a danger to the children. This left dads with little chance to successfully block a relocation.

Following the Bodne case, noncustodial parents (almost always the fathers) could not only object to a relocation but also seek a modification of custody solely based on the relocation.

While the ruling did uphold fathers rights to object to the move, any decision by a judge to allow or disallow a move will be on the ambiguously fashioned principle analyzing whether the relocation is in the “best interests of the children.”

So it’s a small victory for dads rights that the mother cannot unilaterally relocate with the children, but ultimately, the court will make its ruling by determining what is in his children’s best interests, relocating with the custodial parent or remaining in the familiar community.

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