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Cordell & Cordell Attorneys Make Father’s Day Media Appearances

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Cordell & Cordell Father's DayIn anticipation of Father’s Day, several Cordell & Cordell attorneys made radio appearances to discuss the firm’s mission to guide dads through each stage of the divorce process.

Belleville divorce attorney Dan Cuneo appeared on WFMB-Springfield and explained how the firm got its start.

“We really wanted to assist dads and increase the time with their kids, because unfortunately at the time when we started the trend was not to maximize the time dads have with their child,” Mr. Cuneo said. “We felt that was unfair and we really wanted to be a voice for these dads out there who really want to be involved in their children’s lives.”

Boise attorney Daniel Lipsitz noted on KBOI-Boise that Cordell & Cordell’s aim is in no way to wage any sort of gender war, but simply to level the playing field in family law.

“Our goal at Cordell & Cordell is to make sure men get a fair shake during the divorce process, especially related to custody, and ensure that fathers continue to have a significant role in their children’s lives,” Mr. Lipsitz said. “We’re not looking for anything more than an equal shake under the law.”

Cordell & Cordell litigation partner Kristin Zurek noted on the Marc Cox Show on 97.1 FM-St. Louis that even though things are still often tough for dads, things are still moving in the right direction.

“Our laws (in Missouri) did change last year to benefit dads in terms of custody,” she said. “How it changed is judges now have to maximize the kids’ time with both parents. What judges, at least in our metropolitan area have taken that to mean, is that we need to start at a place of equal custody.”

For many dads, Father’s Day is of a concern because they’re not sure if they’ll have parenting time on that special holiday. However, Des Moines attorney Katherine Daman told WHO-Des Moines that fathers likely need not worry too much about that.

“Father’s Day is considered a holiday right along with Christmas and Thanksgiving,” Ms. Daman said. “Those are routinely rotated on a y early basis with each parent, but Father’s Day is certainly one that’s given every year to the father. Whether it’s your parenting time or not, on that particular weekend you’re going to get Father’s Day.”

On WGOW-Chattanooga, attorney Rachel Hodges promoted Cordell & Cordell’s upcoming Men’s Divorce School seminars, which are designed to give guys a free crash course in divorce 101.

“We’ll go through what the divorce process looks like,” Ms. Hodges said. “… We’ll talk about custody and child support and alimony. We’ll talk some about strategy and kind of what you can do to prepare yourself and to help us to help you.”

Each attorney emphasized Cordell & Cordell’s overall goal of providing the resources fathers need to survive the divorce process and transition to the next chapter of their lives.

“We are champions of dads and we are here to ensure that dads will continue to be a significant part of their children’s lives,” Little Rock attorney Giana Messore told KABZ-Little Rock. “We want to make sure dads get a fair shake in the divorce process in court and out of court.”

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