Cynthia Zaczyk

Associate Attorney

Wichita divorce attorney Cynthia Zaczyk has personally witnessed the unfair way fathers are often treated in family court. That led her to a career practicing family law.

“I wanted to make the law more fair and accessible to every person, regardless of gender,” Ms. Zaczyk said. “Also, having seen how children are affected by divorce, I wanted to be able to use my psychology degree to help my clients understand how their actions affect those around them. A divorce needn’t be traumatic, and I want to help others see that.”

Ms. Zaczyk has a particular skill for explaining the legal process and complex legal concepts in a way that people without advanced training can understand. She is direct, straightforward, and transparent. She would rather you know exactly what is going on and where she is coming from than leave you guessing.

“I prefer to layout all realistic scenarios and work through them with you so you can come to an informed decision,” she said.