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It doesn’t matter how tough you are, divorce can be both emotionally and physically draining. So much of your life is thrown into limbo. Your financial security is threatened, your living situation is changing, even your relationship with your kids can be affected.

With so much up in the air, you need a partner you can count on to help make sure you make the best decisions for your future. Our Overland Park, Kansas, attorneys are here to provide a source of stability during this challenging time.

Our Overland Park attorneys can help with any divorce issue, including property division, alimony, child support and child custody.

Our mission is to be advisors and advocates for men before, during and after divorce.

Divorce Attorneys Dedicated to Helping Men

Cordell & Cordell’s Overland Park attorneys can handle a broad range of family law issues from uncontested divorce to complex asset division.

They focus on men’s divorce so they have a greater understanding of the unique legal challenges you’ll face as a man and father in the family courtroom.

Divorce is a difficult process, but you don’t have to face it alone.

Advocates For Dad’s Rights and Fathers’ Rights

Cordell & Cordell was founded in 1990 by Joseph E. Cordell and his wife, Yvonne, to help level the playing field for men in family law cases.

The firm has grown to more than 100 offices across the United States and is now one of the largest family law firms serving men in the world. In May 2015, the firm opened its first international office in the United Kingdom.

At Cordell & Cordell, we understand the unique challenges military families face during divorce.

Frequently Asked Overland Park Divorce Questions

How long do I have to live in Johnson County before I can file for divorce?

There is no requirement regarding how long you must live in Johnson County before filing for divorce.

The only residency requirement is that one of the parties has lived somewhere in the state of Kansas for at least 60 days prior to filing for divorce

Is there a mandatory waiting period in Johnson County before a divorce can be granted?

Yes, there is mandatory waiting period of 60 days before a divorce will be granted.

How can I serve my spouse in Johnson County? If attempts to serve do not work, can I serve by publication?

Personal service is the best way to serve your spouse. You may also serve your spouse through certified mail.

The courts generally frown upon service by publication although it is an option in certain circumstances.

What are the specific forms I will need to file for a divorce in Johnson County?

At a minimum, you need to file a Civil Information Sheet, Request and Service Instruction Form, and Petition.

Other forms may be required as well if you are seeking temporary spousal or child support or any other temporary orders.

Where do I file for divorce?

You must file for divorce at the District Court of Johnson County located at 100 N. Kansas in Olathe.

How much are filing fees at the Johnson County courthouse?

Filing fees constantly change. Currently, it costs roughly $160 to file a Petition for divorce in Johnson County.

Are there any Johnson County-Specific laws that are different from how other family law cases around the state are handled?

All jurisdictions in Kansas are governed by the same statutes that pertain to family law.

Many courts around the state, however, have their own local rules regarding aspects of a divorce case, such as mandatory divorce classes, how many copies of a motion to file, etc.

Overland Park Client Testimonials

"[My attorney] gets back to me promptly and intelligently. He has kept me abreast of what we are doing. [My attorney] is giving me all the attention I can afford. [My attorney's] strong point, in addition to being a good attorney, but he is very personable. This means a lot to me. He is a real person and can separate how things would affect my life. He can provide empathy to the situation. I really like working with him a lot."  
"I have nothing but good things to say about Bill Backer and the firm.  From the first meeting until now, I am kept up to date. I have been so pleased.  I can't think of a thing that Bill could do better.  He has been fantastic working with me. I am so confident in him that we will get the best possible outcome   ... [His] assistant has been fantastic too; she always responds to me immediately.  The office is great.  I am very pleased with our direction we are going."
"The online portal is a great tool that we have. The accessibility to [my attorney] has been great! He's been a very good teammate with me on this."
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