Paula Casey

Of Counsel

With an undergraduate degree in social work, Wichita divorce attorney Paula Casey realized that the true power in helping people change their lives was to learn the laws that affect their lives and how to use them to their advantage.

“Family law affects more people on a very personal level than any other area of the law,” Ms. Casey said. “Becoming effective, efficient, and an expert in that area allowed me to take this advantage to a much higher level.”

Ms. Casey’s empathy helps her understand what her clients are going through. She also has gone through a divorce, and the fact that she understands their frustrations and emotions helps her explain the process and guide them through the phases of the court case.

Ms. Casey is extremely honest and will tell you what to expect. She will tell you what an attorney can do for you, and what they cannot. She will tell you she wants to use your money and her time as judiciously as possible to accomplish the best possible outcome. She will tell you that no one is happy in this process, as the process itself is difficult. She will tell you that there are better, more positive ways to navigate the case and hopes you will trust her to lead you through it.

“The initial tenor of how a divorce is addressed can set the tone for the rest of your life,” she said. “It is essential you hire someone you trust to be forceful, but fair to all sides. You may think you want blood from the other side, but in the long run, an attorney who is fair to all concerned will leave you in a much better position.”