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Factors Considered When Modifying Alimony

Men's Divorce PodcastCordell & Cordell family law attorneys Rachel Schmidt and Dylan Briggs join CEO/Managing Partner Scott Trout to discuss the various factors to consider when modifying alimony or spousal maintenance.

They discuss how alimony and maintenance is calculated (1:30); whether income can be imputed when determining alimony (3:10); the factors to consider when modifying alimony (6:50); what constitutes a “substantial change in circumstances” when modifying alimony (11:16); how child custody factors into alimony determinations (12:16); how alimony can affect your retirement (13:57); how to create self-modifying support orders at the start of the divorce process (15:20); what happens when the receiver of maintenance starts receiving social security payments (17:24); whether or not remarriage results in the termination or reduction of alimony (20:10); how to prove cohabitation for the purpose of reducing or terminating alimony (20:26); medical reasons that could result in a maintenance modification (22:15); how lifestyle choices can impact the court’s decisions regarding alimony (24:50); how to know when to file a motion to modify maintenance (28:09); what your ex needs to prove when asking for an increase in alimony (30:40); how to defend yourself when your ex is asking for an increase in alimony (32:52); the role expert witnesses can play in the modification process (33:53); and more.

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