Charlotte Fathers Rights

North Carolina law allows for electronic communication to be addressed in divorce judgments so fathers’ rights in Charlotte will continue to be upheld even if the parties live far apart or there is an infrequent visitation schedule in place.

Electronic communication includes Internet, videos, Skype, and webcam, according to North Carolina courts. When child custody is at issue, the judge will make a ruling on electronic communications. Rest assured that most judges want a Charlotte dad’s rights addressed.

The judge decides whether or not communicating electronically is in the child’s best interests and who will pay the costs of setting up and maintaining the computers, hardware, and programs.

It is emphasized that electronic communication is not intended to be a substitute for hands-on parenting, but it can function as effective communication between father and child in between visits. Protecting this form of communication is an especially crucial issue for Charlotte fathers’ rights if the parents live a good distance from each other.

It only stands to reason that because of the possible distance between fathers and child, in-person visits are less frequent, but e-communications can fill in some of that gap.

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Cordell & Cordell dads’ rights lawyers in Charlotte exclusively practice domestic litigation and are cognizant of the uphill challenges fathers face in family court to protect their rights to meaningful parenting time with their children. Men who come to Cordell & Cordell know that their interests and the interests of their children will be aggressively championed.

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