Durham Fathers Rights

Each and every time a court order is violated, it infringes upon a Durham fathers rights.

Most commonly, the first time an ex-wife violates a visitation order, it is over something minor. Maybe she’s late returning home when Dad arrives to pick up the child. This may happen over and over.

Maybe the ex-wife plans the child’s birthday party for the same day as the dad is to begin his visitation. So the dad is forced to wait for two hours in his car until the birthday party has concluded.

An inconsiderate or spiteful ex-wife may fly out of state with the child, and the dad only learns about it afterwards through the child.

To protect yours and other fathers rights in Durham, you need to bring examples of these issues to the court’s attention if you want to enforce your court order. Your court will not enforce its order unless a party brings to the court’s attention something that needs enforcing.

If your visitation is being infringed upon and hindered by an uncaring ex-wife, you should document these violations to ensure dads rights in Durham are being protected.

Be sure to document when you will exercise parenting time and what happens if parenting time goes awry. Confirm the dates you intend to exercise parenting time in writing. Include contact information where you and your children can be reached in the event of a last-minute schedule change.

How you bring this issue to the court’s attention, however, will depend on the severity of the situation – was it willful? A legitimate misunderstanding? A one-time occurrence?

Consult with a Cordell & Cordell Durham fathers rights lawyer for a thorough review of your case and the laws applicable to it by calling 1-866-DADS-LAW.

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