Denver Fathers Rights

A recent case involving a Colorado woman arrested for falsely accusing her ex of abuse in order to benefit in their ongoing child custody case is another example of the importance of having a Denver fathers rights attorney on your side.

False allegations of abuse are increasingly being used as strategic weapons in child custody cases to take away dads rights in Denver, Colorado. Why? Because women know they can strip away the rights of fathers in Denver by filing for an order of protection – even with little evidence for a claim – that frequently turn into sole child custody orders.

Having a Denver dads rights lawyer will ensure your rights do not completely vanish in court whether you are fighting false allegations of abuse or protecting your financial means to remain involved in your children’s lives.

If you are concerned with your rights being protected, contact a Denver fathers rights lawyer at Cordell & Cordell. To schedule an appointment, please call 1-866-DADS-LAW.

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