Colorado Springs Fathers Rights

In one of the rare victories for Colorado Springs fathers rights, a government program was instituted to help Colorado fathers connect with their estranged children.

The Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Initiative aims to boost fatherhood programs to provide more dads rights in Colorado Springs. The program provides parenting classes, therapy and job placement assistance for those whose fathers rights were violated because they could not afford child support payments.

Now, rather than ignoring Colorado Springs dads rights, agencies won’t just assume the father is out of the picture and instead will work toward ensuring the rights of fathers in Colorado Springs are protected.

Though agencies are making strides toward enforcing fathers rights in Colorado Springs, it is important to have a dads rights attorney on your side for any domestic litigation matter that could take your children from you.

If you are concerned with your rights being protected, contact a Colorado Springs, Colorado fathers rights lawyer at Cordell & Cordell. To schedule an appointment, please call 1-866-DADS-LAW.

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