Robert Haywood

Litigation Attorney

Robert Haywood’s interest in family law started largely by accident. He started working as a Family Case Manager at the Department of Child Services right out of college, and he had no idea how much he would become invested in that kind of work.

“It became such a passion for me, to see families in a better place than they had been, that I decided to pursue my law degree to work as a family law attorney and to work with clients who were dealing with some of the biggest challenges in their lives,” he says. “The hope is that there would be a way for me to help them to a better day and to remember there is life after divorce.”

Mr. Haywood describes his practice of law as relentless, which benefits his clients.

“Practicing law, especially family law, isn’t always linear. We may have new challenges that arise as a case unfolds, but I am relentless in overcoming the obstacles for my clients,” he says. “I would always advise clients that we don’t know what may happen in their case at the outset, but that I will stay relentless in pursuing their best outcomes.”