Kellan B. Potts

Litigation Attorney

Amherst divorce attorney Kellan B. Potts was drawn to practicing family law by his desire to help people during difficult times. He always shows compassion for clients and their situations as they navigate what is typically a very emotionally taxing time of their life.

When faced with divorce, so many guys are unsure where to turn. Divorce laws and legal jargon can be difficult to comprehend, and the emotional turmoil of the process can leave men feeling abandoned and alone.

Mr. Potts understands the challenges men and fathers go through during this time. He sees it as his responsibility to be a trusted partner guys can turn to at any point during the divorce process. During an otherwise tumultuous time, he provides a sense of stability and reassurance.

“This can be a difficult process,” Mr. Potts said, “but my whole job, all of my education and training is dedicated to getting them the best possible outcome in their case and I am with them 100 percent of the way.”