Gabrielle McQuay


Albany divorce attorney Gabrielle McQuay understands how challenging it is for people to explain their stories during a divorce. The emotional turmoil of the process can cloud judgment and cause rational people to make costly decisions.

“Family, its members and dynamic has such an impact on people’s lives,” Ms. McQuay said. “If I can lend a helping hand in times of tension, stress, and complexity, it’s my calling to do so.

“Being able to meet people where they are and work with them towards a brighter future drives a successful law firm.”

Ms. McQuay is compassionate and willing to see compassion in others during difficult times, which often arise in the practice of family law.

“Cases involving families are often going to be emotional, running high with tension, and even higher with passion,” she said. “But that shared passion allows my client and I to work towards a result that is best for all involved.”