Bradley Ward

Litigation Manager

Before deciding to practice family law, Tulsa divorce attorney Bradley Ward considered a career in psychology, because he wanted to help counsel people through emotional issues and troubling times in their lives. There is nothing more emotionally troubling than a divorce or family law issue.

“When an individual has their children removed from their home, their marriage fractured, and loses something they have worked many years to build, it can be extremely emotionally damaging,” Mr. Ward said.

His work as a family law attorney allows him to counsel people through these troubling times and to navigate them through the legal system.

“My greatest joy is helping people come out of these issues and find a sense of hope on the other side,” he said. “The lives that they had envisioned for themselves, their family, and their children may not be what it once was, but it can still be great. Helping someone to see that again after a difficult divorce gives me tremendous satisfaction.”

The one defining characteristic that helps Mr. Ward when it comes to practicing family law is compassion. He has a deep compassion for his clients and their families and feels deeply for what they are going through.

“This compassion drives me to fight harder for my clients,” he said, “because that is what I would want if I were in their shoes.”

The divorce process will be difficult at times and there might be times you want to give up. It is fine to end the fighting and resolve the matter, but it should never be done at the expense of your child’s well-being.

“I am not the type of attorney that will let you get pushed around, nor will I give up,” Mr. Ward said. “I am in this with you until the end.”