Athena Mills

Senior Litigation Attorney

Sacramento divorce attorney Athena Mills was initially drawn towards family law because of the complex emotional and psychological issues involved. However, her desire to help families, especially children, overcome a difficult and highly emotional time in their lives is the reason she pursued her legal career in family law.

“I am compassionate and attentive, which creates a safe and comfortable environment for my clients,” Ms. Mills said. “I am also a passionate advocate who strives to do what is necessary to protect the interests of my clients and their children.”

Dissolving a marriage or creating a custody arrangement is often portrayed as a highly adversarial process that leaves families broken and angry. However, Ms. Mills recognizes that taking the high road and cooperating can come a long way in resolving family issues and coming to an agreement that satisfies both sides.

“With cooperation and patience, a more amicable solution can be reached,” she said.