Men's Divorce PodcastThis month, Cordell & Cordell CEO/Managing Partner Scott Trout and Litigation Partner Kristin Zurek discuss one of the more troubling aspects of family law: abuse and neglect issues in child custody.

They discuss the role abuse and neglect play in family law from a broad perspective (0:45); how abuse is usually brought up in initial consultations (1:30); whether abuse can affect property division (2:10); how attorneys respond when their clients are accused of abuse (2:45); the different types of abuse (4:00); how courts react to different kinds of abuse (4:50); how to defend yourself against allegations of abuse (5:50); the importance of witnesses in abuse cases (7:50); the risks of using kids as witnesses (10:10); orders of protection (11:53); the challenges guys face when they’re the victims of abuse (18:11); the role a Guardian ad Litem plays in custody cases (22:50); parental alienation syndrome (33:18); issues surrounding drug and alcohol abuse (39:37); and more.

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