kftkRecently, Cordell & Cordell Executive/Managing Partner, CEO Scott Trout appeared on the Marc Cox Show on KFTK FM-St. Louis to discuss many of the challenges men face in the family court system.

While acknowledging progress over the past couple decades, Mr. Trout noted there are still inequities in the system that are based on outdated gender stereotypes.

Mr. Trout explained that two shared parenting bills – one in Missouri and one in Massachusetts – have recently been proposed that could potentially go a long way toward leveling the custody playing field for dads.

“It’s about families,” Mr. Trout said. “… There are plenty of studies, and recent studies, that talk about two-parent involvement in kids. Those kids wind up so much better. They’re mores successful in life than just having a disproportionate custody schedule with just one parent.”

Mr. Trout also talked about the growth of Cordell & Cordell, provided a few divorce tips for men, and discussed the importance of choosing a divorce attorney that exclusively practices family law.

“We talk about how doctors got it right – they specialize in pediatrics or oncology because they want to do one thing really well,” Mr. Trout said. “If you’re faced with divorce, find a lawyer that’s all they do is family law, because they do it really well.”

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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