Nicholas Granade

Litigation Manager

Fayetteville divorce attorney Nicholas Granade Fayetteville divorce attorney Nicholas Granade values the importance of family before, during, and after a divorce or separation.

He realizes that families, parents, and children need diligent advocates in pursuing and maintaining their rights during what can oftentimes be one of the most adversarial and stressful times in a person’s life.

“Particularly in today’s society, I believe it is extremely important for men to stand up for their rights and not to assume that they are fighting a losing battle simply based upon their anatomy,” Mr. Granade said. “Knowledge of the legal framework and the court system, along with strategic advocacy should empower a litigant in a trying time such as divorce, and I take pride in empowering my clients to get the results they deserve.”

Mr. Granade is tenacious, yet poised in and out of the courtroom. He is comfortable advocating, negotiating, and litigating for his clients depending upon the needs of the case. He thoroughly informs his clients of their legal rights and options, then aggressively pursues his cases in conjunction with his clients’ desires and the limits of the law.

Divorce and custody battles can be long, tiresome, and seemingly unmanageable. You need  a well-trained, experienced professional in your corner who can do the heavy lifting for you and counsel you to make the best decisions during a time when it is tempting to make the worst decisions.

“For a limited amount of time, divorce encompasses your life, your family, and your finances and the result will affect the rest of your life,” Mr. Granade said. “I can help you navigate the waters of litigation in order to protect the most important aspects of your life throughout and following the struggle.”

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Granade is licensed to practice in Georgia.


Mr. Granade received a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Affairs from the University of Georgia. He earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Georgia School of Law.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Granade serviced a caseload of more than 70 open cases with a general practice law firm of. He primarily practiced in the areas of family law, custody, and divorce, but he also gained considerable experience in the areas of criminal and DUI/traffic defense and personal injury law.


  • Georgia Bar Association, Family Law Section
  • NITA’s ABA Family Law Trial Advocacy Program

Speeches, Seminars, & Publications

Mr. Granade penned and won an appeal in the area of child support/family law at the Court of Appeals of Georgia in 2012. See Morgan v. Bunzendahl, No. A12A0290 (2012).



“I didn’t know what to expect getting into the situation. Nicholas has been very thorough explaining the process and expectations. He has given me different scenarios from his experience and this has been very helpful to navigate though the process.”


“Nick has exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds, as well as my mother’s. She works for a law office and is equally impressed with Nick. He is great at keeping me informed with everything and is organized. I feel I’m getting my money’s worth. I don’t have anything bad to say about him whatsoever! He’s the man!”


“I think where Nick excels is he gives all of the available options and lets me make up my own mind.  He gives me the best case and worse case scenarios. He doesn’t hold back the punches, and if he doesn’t think I’ve made the best choice he will let me know, but he’ll support me.  I couldn’t ask for more.  As far as the divorce process goes, I believe it’s going exceptionally well.”


I think Nick Granade is a great lawyer…  He is very thorough, gets back to me quickly, and I have complete faith in him.


“Nick Granade is a 5 star guy.  He keeps me updated and breaks things down in layman’s terms so that I understand.”


“Everything was outstanding and couldn’t have gone better. Nick did a heck of job.  It was perfect.  I hope I never have to go through that again, but if I did, I would definitely go back to Nick Granade.”


“Everything Nick does is great. He is pleasant to work with, very professional, yet down to earth when he explains everything. He is great!”


“Nick Granade is a great guy. He really reads what I send to him. He listens and then comes up with a plan. It is not me doing all the work. I like how assertive he is with [the] opposing side; he is on top of things.”


“Nick is a very nice and kind person. He was … how do I even explain it? He was just a pleasure to work with! He didn’t fit what I assumed a lawyer to be like, if that makes sense. He always explained everything to me very well and went over any questions I had. I have no complaints whatsoever …”


“Nick did his best in a tough situation to take care of me. I know we couldn’t win everything but that was expected. He did a good job, and I’ll likely be using you again for a modification soon.”


“Nick is the best; very professional and always prepared. I never had a problem with appointments or reaching my attorney. I would simply leave a message and they would call me back. They always had documents ready for me and I always got in at the right time for my appointment. Divorce is never fun and the process is so time-consuming. My attorney, Nick Granade, was always prepared for our meetings and court and made the process easy for me to follow. I feel the final outcome was fair and honestly better than I expected. Nick always did what he said he was going to do and kept me well-informed to the process. He knows his stuff and works hard for his clients. My divorce wasn’t easy, but because of Nick and his staff, I’m in a better place now than I was prior to meeting him.”


“Nick and [his paralegal] are top notch and stay on top of everything. … I am beyond impressed with the level of service that Nick and [his paralegal] are providing. … I am at peace with whatever the outcome of my case will be knowing I have the coverage and support that I do from Cordell & Cordell. Thank you so much!”


“My attorney is very diligent in not only returning my phone call but follow-ups with emails as well. All of my goals going into my court case were met and exceeded. Not only am I satisfied but shocked because I think generally men never fare well in court … I am so impressed with Cordell & Cordell that I would love to be contacted to attend any of the divorce seminars you may have across the country to tell my story to help promote your services. Your firm has given me hope for the future and restored my faith in the judicial system …”


“I couldn’t have asked for better representation during my divorce. I always knew what options I had. I never felt like I was being rushed off the phone or out of the office. I always received responses within 24-48 hours max. I appreciated having the office work with me on final payment …”