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Cordell Cordell Barry SandersNFL Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders was afforded plenty of off-the-field privileges during his legendary playing career. But that notoriety did nothing to shield him from the pain and heartbreak of divorce.

“When I went through my divorce several years ago, I felt the same uncertainties and stress as every other guy out there who has been through the family courts,” Mr. Sanders said. “I worried about my finances; I worried about the divorce process; but most importantly, I worried about the role I would have in my children’s lives moving forward.”

Cordell & Cordell is proud to partner with Mr. Sanders as the firm’s celebrity spokesperson. (Listen to Barry Sanders’ radio ads for Cordell & Cordell below.)

Mr. Sanders has met with Cordell & Cordell’s clients and listened as they told their stories of going through divorce. He is able to relate to the fears they’ve felt about what would become of their families.

He’s also met with the firm’s attorneys and witnessed the passion they have for fighting to get their clients what they deserve.

“At the time of my divorce, I was not aware of Cordell & Cordell, but now I am,” Mr. Sanders said. “Their continuing mission is to protect the rights of men and to keep fathers active in their children’s lives before, during, and after what can be a painful and difficult divorce process.

“I am proud to be collaborating with a law firm like Cordell & Cordell. When it comes to fathers going through divorce, Cordell & Cordell is truly a partner men can count on.”

Mr. Sanders talks about meeting with Cordell & Cordell attorneys and clients. 

Mr. Sanders discusses his experience facing divorce. 

Mr. Sanders describes the passion Cordell & Cordell’s attorneys have for protecting fathers’ rights. 

Mr. Sanders reflects on the fears he felt during the divorce process. 

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Barry Sanders meets with Cordell & Cordell attorneys and clients