Wisconsin Child Support Modification

In Wisconsin, you can file a motion to modify child support if you can establish a substantial change of circumstances. The courts consider a significant change in your income, the recipient’s income, or the needs of the child to be a substantial change.

The statutes also provide that you can motion to modify child support if it is has been more than 33 months since the date of the last order.

Child support is based off the placement you have with the children. If you have less than 25% of the time with your children, then child support will be based on a straight percentage of your gross income according to how many children you have:

  • 17% for one child
  • 25% for two
  • 29% for three
  • 31% for four or more

If you have more than 25% placement of your children, then the amount of support is determined based on a formula established by the state that considers both your incomes and the number of overnights you have with the children.

The court can deviate upward or downward from the state percentage guidelines for child support, but this is done on a case-by-case basis and must be specifically laid out by the commissioner or judge when making the deviation.