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Philadelphia Fathers Rights

The updated Pennsylvania child custody laws are a significant achievement for fathers rights in Philadelphia.

In addition to a gender-neutral requirement that judges not consider gender when making an award of child custody, judges are now required to state on the record their reasons behind a custody determination. Heretofore, Philadelphia dads rights were ignored because non-custodial parents (usually the fathers) were usually left uninformed about how a custody decision was reached.

Further clarifying how and why custodial decisions were reached, Pennsylvania statutes now enumerate 16 child custody factors judges should consider. Previously, only three factors were outlined.

The most comprehensive overhaul of child custody laws in Pennsylvania is a victory for dads rights, but don’t be fooled into believing you will be treated equally as a father in family courts.

Get help with dads rights in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by arranging a meeting with a Cordell & Cordell men’s divorce attorney, please call 1-866-DADS-LAW.

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