Albany Fathers Rights

Having an Albany, New York fathers’ rights attorney has never been more important than it is now due to recently enacted New York divorce laws that may take away dads’ rights.

New laws set forth a guideline for spousal maintenance, which essentially means alimony will almost certainly be granted in every case, although the court has some discretion to not grant it. With men representing 97% of alimony payers, this law will negatively impact the financial rights of fathers in Albany.

Further, New York’s recent laws have made a request for attorney fees more likely for the spouse who earns less money, which is traditionally the wife.

This is when you need an Albany dads’ rights attorney to stand up and defend your rights as a father to not have to pay maintenance simply because you are the man. Cordell & Cordell’s Albany, New York fathers’ rights lawyers fight for dads to be recognized as more than ATMs.

The attorneys of Cordell & Cordell help Albany dads maximize their role in their children’s lives, which includes protecting men’s financial means to do so.

If you are concerned with your rights being protected, contact an Albany dads’ rights lawyer at Cordell & Cordell. To schedule an appointment, please call 1-866-DADS-LAW.

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