Kansas City Fathers Rights

A non-custodial fathers rights in Kansas City are continually challenged when the custodial parent, usually the mother, wants to move out of state.

Kansas City dads’ rights advocates note that custodial parents must receive permission either from the non-custodial parent of the court before relocating.

A father is usually reluctant to sign a stipulation granting the ex-wife his permission for her to move out of state. If you would like to fight the relocation, you need to file a formal objection to the relocation notice and ask the court to determine that either your ex does not have the right to relocate the children under the decree and/or that such a move is not in the children’s best interest.

A notice to prevent relocation or similar objection will be heard by a judge who will weigh a multitude of factors. The importance of having a Kansas City fathers’ rights attorney representing your interests during this hearing cannot be emphasized enough.

If you are a dad whose rights are being challenged by the potential move of your child, you need a Kansas City dads’ rights attorney to assert your rights before the judge.

Cordell & Cordell Is Dedicated To Kansas City Fathers’ Rights

Cordell & Cordell dads’ rights lawyers in Kansas City exclusively practice domestic litigation and are cognizant of the uphill challenges fathers face in family court. Men who come to Cordell & Cordell know that their interests and the interests of their children will be aggressively championed.

Contact the Kansas City attorneys at Cordell & Cordell for assistance in family law matters by calling 1-866-DADS-LAW.

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