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Domestic violence is under-reported when women are the violent party. Men need protections, too, and that’s where the Sunset Hills, Missouri fathers rights lawyers of Cordell & Cordell come in.

Female domestic violence affects an Sunset Hills dads rights because a flight risk can exist when the violent partner flees the home after perpetrating violence against a spouse. Oftentimes, in this situation, the violent estranged wife will take the children with her.

Recent changes in Missouri’s laws include a better, more unified definition of the term “domestic violence.” Additionally, any protection order would be required to indicate child custody and visitation information. For Missouri dads rights pertaining to custody, this is a significant provision.

If a wife fleeing with the children gets pulled over by the police, law enforcement can now pull up the order of protection and see what the child custody arrangements are. If the ex-wife has the children during the ex-husband’s parenting time, the police would automatically know that something was wrong domestically.

If you are a dad who is the victim of a wife’s violence and is looking to protect fathers rights in Sunset Hills, contact Cordell & Cordell. Call 1-866-DADS-LAW to schedule an appointment with an Sunset Hills, Missouri dads rights attorney who will help you legally protect yourself and your children.

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