Ann Arbor Fathers’ Rights

After divorce, both parents end up re-establishing themselves. But, any changes in a child’s living arrangement can significantly impact a child’s life. Ann Arbor dads’ rights can be impacted, also.

Currently, Michigan law states that parents with joint custody cannot move more than 100 miles away without order of the court. Some custody orders have a provision on how a move is to be handled. In this case, an Ann Arbor fathers’ rights have been preserved ahead of time.

When there is no provision, however, parents are obligated to adhere to the 100-mile rule or return to court.

If a custodial mother returns to court for permission to move farther than 100 miles away, a fathers’ rights regarding visitation are challenged. The court will consider the effect that this will have in the life of the child and issue an order in the child’s best interests.

This is when it’s necessary to protect those Michigan dads’ rights in order to ensure fathers are not shut out of their children’s lives by the court allowing such a substantial move.

Even after a divorce, a man needs an Ann Arbor fathers’ rights attorney to aggressively champion his interests. Call the Ann Arbor dads’ rights attorneys of Cordell & Cordell at 1-866-DADS-LAW.

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