Annapolis Fathers Rights

If a dad believes that his dads rights are being challenged because his ex-wife is spending his child support payments frivolously, he is in for an uphill battle fighting for fathers rights in Annapolis, Maryland.

He should, however, begin the process of proving his ex-wife’s mismanagement of child support payments by keeping records. He should note any money he pays to his ex-wife that is over and above the court-ordered amount. The father should also keep a record of the expenditures of his ex-wife that he feels his child support money may be contributing to.

Say that money paid to an ex-wife for their child’s orthodontia is used to finance a cruise or new car and the child never gets the braces. This type of fiduciary mismanagement should be noted to preserve a dads rights in Annapolis and to show a pattern of an ex-wife’s misappropriation of child support money.

If the issue goes back to court, the judge may order that a trust be established for all support and other payments made on the child’s behalf. This would keep Annapolis fathers rights in place, and the ex-wife would then have to account for all expenditures pertaining to the child.

Cordell & Cordell’s Annapolis dads rights attorneys will aggressively pursue a fathers rights to have his child support payments used the way the court has directed. Call 1-866-DADS-LAW today to speak to an Annapolis fathers rights lawyer.

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