Sacramento Fathers’ Rights

In California, when a divorced custodial parent, usually the mother, decides to move away and take the kids with her, she stands a good chance of succeeding because of the lack of fathers’ rights in Sacramento, California.

Sacramento Dads’ Rights To Joint Custody:

The last two California Supreme Court Decisions have made it much more difficult for a noncustodial parent (usually Dad) to oppose the decision of the custodial parent (usually Mom) to move to another metropolitan area and take the kids with her. The custodial parent just has to prove that it is in the children’s best interests. This is a huge leap backwards for Sacramento, California fathers’ rights.

Shared Custody In Sacramento:

In a “shared-custody” arrangement, each parent must have the child 50 percent of the time or have a 60/40 percentage agreement. In this case, the court will have to make a full re-determination of which custody arrangement is in the best interest of the children, suggesting an almost “all-or-nothing” scenario.

Protect your dads rights to see your children. If your ex-wife has decided to move and take the kids with her, you need an experienced fathers rights attorney to help you protect your children’s time with you.

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