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We offer phone and online scheduling. Initial consultations last one hour and provide an opportunity to address your specific questions and goals with an attorney.

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Cordell & Cordell Family Law Practice Areas

Child Custody

Cordell & Cordell family attorneys fight to maintain and maximize your role in your children’s lives.

Child Support

Our attorneys work to preserve your financial interests and the interests of your children.

Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

Collaborative divorce and mediation enable couples to dissolve their relationship in a flexible manner that avoids going to court altogether.

Contempt Proceedings

Held when there has been a violation of a court order.

Declaration of Paternity

Ensure you receive all your paternity rights by filing for a declaration of paternity.


Our family law attorneys work with you to outline your divorce goals and prepare you for your case.

Legal Separation

A court process designed to define the rights and obligations between spouses who are living apart while still legally married.

Military Family Law

When a couple decides to end their marriage while one spouse is serving in the military, divorce tends to get more complicated.

Modification of Decrees

If you find yourself earning less income, or your ex has a larger earning potential, we can help you file a modification to adjust past decrees.

Prenuptial Agreements

Done right, these agreements allow couples to plan their future with more security.

Asset Division and Property Division

The process of dividing assets during divorce and determining who gets what.

Protection Order

An order used by the court to protect against a situation involving alleged domestic violence, harassment, stalking, or sexual assault.

Spousal Support, Spousal Maintenance and Alimony

Money paid to your ex to maintain a standard of living they were used to during your marriage.

Client Testimonials


5 Stars

“[My attorney] is very easy to talk to. He gets back to me quickly and always explains everything very well. I have been very pleased working with [my attorney]. He’s doing a great job!”

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5 Stars

“Rob is awesome! He’s giving me everything I ask, [and] he gives his personal opinion on the options. He’s making the process much easier on me. I’m really pleased overall.”


5 Stars

“[My attorney] is very thorough. Level of communication is key to me, and [my attorney] has far exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with [my attorney] and confident moving forward with him!”

Robert A.

5 Stars

“I’ve been very happy. Robert is really on my side and comes up with great strategies. We’ve accomplished a great deal, in my mind.”


5 Stars

“[My attorney] was really good at staying on top of things. He always got back to me very quickly. He was very easy to work with and always kept me up to date. [My attorney] always made sure I understood what was going on with my case. He was great! He really took the time to break things down for me. He always asked my opinion, he’d then give me his and together we’d make a decision. [My attorney] would keep me informed if things changed as soon as it happened. If I didn’t like what took place, he would act quickly on that and keep me updated the entire time. … I’ve never worked with a divorce attorney before, but I have worked with attorneys prior to this. I have to say, [my attorney] was just a real good guy and a pleasure to work with!”


5 Stars

“Robert is keeping me from becoming too emotionally attached in the situation [by] looking at it from a third party perspective. This helps me to look at things rationally. Robert is passionate about what he does and gives me a sense of reality.”


5 Stars

“Robert has been very helpful and has answered all questions that I have asked, including working with the Virginia Beach office to determine the options for filing. In the rare case [that] he couldn’t provide an actual answer to the question on the same day, he would at least let me know he was researching for the answer.”


5 Stars

“[My attorney] was great! He was quick and efficient! As soon as I came to Cordell & Cordell, he got things rolling! This experience was night and day from my prior counsel! I met with [a Litigation Manager] originally, and she really sold me on your firm. Coming to Cordell & Cordell was a huge improvement! I couldn’t be happier with you all and my experience.”

David C.

5 Stars

“I have been back and forth several times over the last 12 years since my divorce. You all have been more responsive than any other firm I’ve ever worked with. The level of professionalism I received all around was great! I really appreciate everything [Oliver] has done for me.”


5 Stars

“[My attorney] is very thorough! He’s really great at communication. I am never left wondering what’s going on. I always know that he’s there and he has my back. He’s doing a great job! Honestly, he’s perfect! I can’t say enough good things about him!”


5 Stars

“[My attorney] was great! … He was very easy to talk to and work with. I am really appreciative of everything he did for me.”


5 Stars

“[My attorney] went above and beyond! I have nothing but praise for him. I’m a truck driver and a pain of a client to work with. I’m all over and in different time zones all the time. [My attorney] had a lot of patience with me and was very easy to get along with. He was very responsive! He once got back to me on Sunday night, when I wasn’t even expecting it. I was really blown away by that. He is a really great guy! [My attorney] is just phenomenal.”


5 Stars

“[My attorney] did a great job! know I can be difficult and I imagine he works with clients that are very strong willed like myself all the time. He certainly did an admirable job adapting to that. I have nothing but good things to say!”


5 Stars

“Oliver is great! He is always responsive. Our conversations have gone very well. … I have nothing but good things to say about [my attorney]!”

Charles W.

5 Stars

“I was very pleased with everything. Robert has been great as answering my questions and responding to my emails.”


5 Stars

“[My attorney] is really good at getting back to me no matter what time I call him and I really appreciate that.”

Gordon B.

5 Stars

“Robert was a great listener and showed compassion during a difficult time and provided answers and options for all questions. He is very thorough and approachable.”

Brian S.

5 Stars

“Rob has done a good job of trying to keep my eye on the objectives from my case. and not get bogged down in the trivial items or things that won’t benefit my case. Being frank and to the point about aspects of my case has always been appreciated. I am glad he can be upfront and let you know where you stand on situations regardless if it is good/bad news. Honesty is great quality.”


5 Stars

“[My attorney] always answered all of my questions in a timely manner and always understood the emotional stress a divorce can take on a person. [My attorney] was very helpful through the whole process. These type of situations are never simple for the clients and [my attorney] was always willing to explain everything in a simple and understanding manner.”

Leon L.

5 Stars

“[My attorney] was always very nice and professional. I got the sense she really cared about my case and I have absolutely nothing negative to say!”

Jeff C.

5 Stars

“I appreciate the personal attention Robert and everyone has provided during this frustrating time of divorce.”

Jeffery C.

5 Stars

“​I am very happy with [my attorney]. I feel like she understands me and my concerns with the case and cares about me, my family, and the outcome. I have already recommended her to a friend.​”


5 Stars

​”The responsiveness was first-rate. He always was very quick to respond to my comments and concerns. The use of the client portal was very helpful in passing documentation back and forth. This was extremely beneficial in gathering together the number of pages of documents that were required through the discovery process. [My attorney] was very professional and helpful. He was able to counsel me correctly regarding the settlement. Everything he did was in my best interests. I can say I felt fully supported in all the actions I wound up taking to bring things to a conclusion.”

Corey K.

5 Stars

“​He did a fantastic job. He talked to me as a person and not just another case. I really appreciated his work, and he always told me the honest truth. I got what I wanted, and he did a fantastic job!​”

John P.

5 Stars

“I just want to say that having [my attorney] as my attorney has made my divorce procedure extremely bearable. [My attorney] has so much drive to make sure that all my needs are taken care of. She has so much compassion and consideration, due to my circumstances. She truly cares about everything that is happening to me, and she is a true blessing to my life.”

Bill S.

5 Stars

“​I really appreciated [my attorney’s] calm demeanor during some very trying times. I found [my attorney’s] attitude to be very calming and reassuring for me and helped me manage the angst I was experiencing.”

Jacob G.

5 Stars

“[My attorney] is amazing. He has really made this process a lot easier on me. [My attorney] goes above and beyond.”

Mark V.

5 Stars

“​[My attorney] is very prompt to reply, provides thorough responses, checks in with me, and is patient as I am slow to make up my mind.”

Rob M.

5 Stars

“​[My attorney] was absolutely awesome. My divorce was incredibly difficult. Oliver always kept me informed and gave me the best options moving forward.”

William B.

5 Stars

“​Everything was great. Rob treated me like a partner and walked me through the process. He was diligent and on time and I felt that I could really trust him and I think that was the most important thing of all.”


5 Stars

“Danielle has been a Godsend through my maddening case and truly appreciate the work she has and continues to do.”

Ron B.

5 Stars

“​[My attorney] is great! He’s very helpful, knowledgeable and he’s a good listener. He is always quick to respond to my questions and he has a good way of breaking things down for me so that I can understand them.”

* Rating based on internal client satisfaction surveys. Review Policy.

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