Tess H. Jung

Litigation Attorney

Family law is a unique area of the law where attorneys are tasked with moving clients through the legal process while also assisting them in moving through all of the emotions that come with divorce, paternity, and post-judgment motions.

That opportunity to help individuals start the next chapter of their life is what drew Milwaukee divorce attorney Tess H. Jung to family law.

“Helping people through challenges is a passion of mine, and specifically in family law you are helping people transform from the life they have known into a different new ‘normal life,” Ms. Jung said. “Their life is changing, but it is important to focus on the fact that while it is different, it will be good and slowly it will become what they perceive as ‘normal.'”

Throughout your divorce case, you are going to be faced with a wide range of emotions and at times the process is going to feel overwhelming, but Ms. Jung is there the help move you through this process.

“It is your responsibility to adjust to the changes you are facing in life, and it is my job to worry about the details and move you through the legal process,” Ms. Jung said.

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