Chelsea L. Williamson

Litigation Manager

Milwaukee divorce attorney Chelsea L. Williamson’s primary motivation in practicing family law is to help people in especially trying situations.

Family law appealed to Ms. Williamson because it combines the legal aspect with a therapeutic aspect. Emotions are very heightened in family law cases. Ms. Williamson provides her clients with a source of stability and always looks out for their best interests. She finds many clients just wanting someone to listen and acknowledge their feelings as valid.

Ms. Williamson has the unique ability to both listen and empathize. At the end of the day she is honest about the legal situation facing each of her clients while also making herself available if they simply need to vent.

She believes she is able to connect with clients and let them know that she hears what they feel and what they want and that she understands where they are coming from. Even if what they feel or want is legally not in their best interest she wants them to know that she understands and will help guide them to the best possible solution.

The legal process works at its own pace, always coming together in the end. Ms. Williamson is here to help clients 100% of the way, even beyond the pleadings and the court hearings. She is here to listen to their concerns, help them figure out what they ultimately want, and do the stressing and the worrying for them. She is also here to make sure they are not taken advantage of during such a life altering experience.