Fox6 News-Milwaukee Cordell & Cordell Milwaukee divorce attorney Chelsea Williamson was recently interviewed for a story that appeared on Fox6 News-Milwaukee about her client, James Wolfe, who is fighting to regain access of his child after the toddler was allegedly kidnapped by the mother.

It has been 179 days since Mr. Wolfe’s son was taken out of state without his permission, and he has spent more than $30,000 attempting to gain custody.

Milwaukee divorce attorney Chelsea Williamson

Milwaukee Divorce Attorney Chelsea Williamson

Mr. Wolfe is an unmarried father, and despite signing the birth certificate acknowledging he is the boy’s father, he has been forced to spend months trying to prove his paternity. In Wisconsin, simply signing a birth certificate is not sufficient.

Ms. Williamson said the court would typically order a DNA test, but that is impossible since the mother has disappeared with the child.

“It’s very concerning, that they make it that difficult for someone who has been there since the beginning, who co-parented,” Ms. Williamson said.

“People need to know if you have a child out of wedlock that you need to get  your legal rights established. Having your name on a birth certificate isn’t always enough.”

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