Sara Wells

Litigation Attorney

Attorney Sara Wells believes one of her best traits as a lawyer is her easy-going nature.

“I am relatively laid back and do not allow the emotions of the case get to me,” she says. “This allows me to keep a clear and level head even during the most difficult and emotional portions of a case.”

Don’t let that demeanor fool you, though. Ms. Wells is a fighter when it comes to her clients’ rights.

“I understand what you are going through is not easy, however, if you can trust me and trust the process, I will fight as hard has possible for you,” she says. “While I cannot guarantee an outcome for you, I can promise that I will not stop fighting until your last day in court. I love the idea that I can fight for people in their most difficult times and while I cannot make things perfect for them, I like to believe that I am making their life a little better by fighting for them.”