Robyn Atkins

Senior Litigation Attorney

Robyn brings experience and dedication to the practice of family law, with a career spanning back to 2014. Her passion for this area of law stems from her belief in making a meaningful difference in her clients’ lives and understanding that their main concerns revolve around their financial security and the well-being of their children. “Whether I am advising a client regarding a division of property in a divorce or issues relating to the client’s children, the advice I provide to my clients has measurable long-term effects on their lives,” says Robyn.

What truly sets her apart is her love for a well-structured, compelling argument, a trait that proves invaluable in advocating for her clients’ rights. Her empathetic approach assures clients that it’s perfectly acceptable not to have all the answers, encouraging them to seek her guidance and advice throughout their legal journey, often them saving them from avoidable mistakes in litigation.