Megan Minchew Evitts

Litigation Manager

Megan Minchew Evitts, who is a divorce attorney in The Woodlands, has the passion and dedication required to help those who are going through some of the hardest times of their lives.

“I am compassionate and understanding of all client feelings and emotions,” Ms. Minchew Evitts said.

While divorce requires a sense of composure and even-handedness from an attorney’s perspective, Ms. Minchew Evitts understands how emotionally trying the experience can be for her clients. While she remains calm and collected as she puts together a game plan, she reassures her clients by letting them know that it is an entirely normal struggle with the process.

“I would tell my client that it is OK to express their feelings in any way they need in order to handle the process that they are about to embark on,” she said.