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Matthew Crouter

Senior Litigation Attorney

Portland divorce attorney Matthew CrouterPortland divorce attorney Matthew Crouter was drawn to family law because of the human element involved. When practicing corporate law on behalf of some of the largest multinational corporations in the world, it felt at times like he was representing a faceless, soulless machine.

“With family law I find I can connect with clients on a personal and human level, and I appreciate being able to assist clients in what is often one of the most trying, stress-filled, and difficult times in their lives,” Mr. Courter said.

Mr. Courter believes being calm and patient are his greatest assets when it comes to practicing law. Legal cases can be emotionally charged and stressful for the clients, particularly in family law cases, and he has found that clients appreciate it when attorneys are able to provide a calm, guiding hand.

He also believes in setting honest, realistic expectations.

“I have often found that clients enter the first meeting with expectations about how the case will go that does not accurately reflect the emotions and difficulty that might lie ahead, and they often feel ‘this is a slam dunk,’ and expect a quick, easy verdict,” he said. “I believe it is important, then, to thoroughly explain the process and what lies ahead so that the client’s expectations are realistic and so that the client is not surprised by the way the case unfolds.”

Above all, he is committed to doing whatever he can to try to help his clients reach a solution that is both fair and in their best interest.

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Courter is licensed to practice in Maine.


Mr. Crouter earned his bachelor’s degree in English from Providence College and his Juris Doctor from Roger Williams University.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Courter litigated a large swatch of cases the legal spectrum, including personal injury and medical malpractice, real estate, corporate, administrative law, and family law.



  • Maine State Bar Association, 2017