Marie McGrath

Senior Litigation Attorney

Austin divorce attorney Marie McGrath is native to New York but lived in Atlanta, Chicago, and Houston prior to moving to Austin in 2011. She has worked for small businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies. Ms. McGrath knew she wanted to practice family law when she started law school as she was looking to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others in a way that she couldn’t in the business world.

Ms. McGrath has dealt with many people and all walks of life in pursuit of her career. She is easygoing, confident, and compassionate towards those people she meets who are at the lowest point in their life. Her approach to family law is to be candid as to the law and facts of a client’s case. She likes to counsel clients as to the impact of the decisions they are making on the lives of the children involved.

“Some day this will be over, and you will be OK,” Ms. McGrath said.

She has been practicing family law since 2009 and believes it is always better to negotiate with the other party when possible and will not advance an unreasonable position of a client to incur attorney’s fees. However, Ms. McGrath is always willing to take a case to court when the opposing party is advancing an unreasonable position to obtain a positive solution for their client.